This week Kellogg’s launched a large-scale personalization campaign with their fulfillment partner – Prime Group. Digital printing is ideal for short-runs and personalized goods, but the workflow associated with handling hundreds of thousands individual orders is complex.


One challenge is ensuring the right product gets to the right customer – whether it’s ensuring the jobs are correctly assembled with their corresponding pair, guaranteeing the orders are combined and shipped accurately, or managing the hundreds of individual shipping labels, carriers, and tracking numbers. Another challenge is managing the fluctating volumes and high number of small jobs. Consumers demand is more variably and explosive creating uncertainty for a print shop’s daily order volumes and production schedule. More orders of one, create more file corrections, job forms, and tracking nightmares. No wonder more than 60%* of print manufacturers struggle with workflow. image1.png


Print manufacturers looking to do more personalized, customized, or short-run prints, need workflow automation that scales. HP Site Flow provide that automation and scalability, resolving the top four workflow challenges.

Since it’s an end-to-end solution, print manufacturers can purchase one solution instead of five siloed solutions. It’s cloud-based infrastructure allows it to scale seamlessly to meet any fluctuation in demand and reducing IT effort and expense. HP Site Flow has a strong API foundation making it easy to connect to any MIS, ERP, or other internal or external system, helping print shops communicate better between organizations and departments.

Companies like Prime Group use HP Site Flow to handle personalization campaigns like Kellogg’s.


Contact us to get a personalized demo of HP Site Flow or watch this video to learn more. http://bit.ly/HowSiteFlowWorks

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