Postbacks are handled through the Site Flow trigger system. These are set up within Site Flow and allow the postbacks to be sent to a variety of destinations via HTTPS or EMAIL in a multitude of different formats (using the templating system).

Triggers available

Event Name Description
Component Printed An item component has been successfully printed.
Order Cancelled The order has been canceled by the brand or the end consumer.
Order Errored The artwork is not available, due to either a pre-flight failure or an invalid fetch URL. An order will go to error 12 hours after order submission.
Order Print Ready The artwork has been successfully retrieved and the order is now ready to enter production.
Order Received The order has been accepted by the system but the artwork has not yet been retrieved.
Order Reprinted A component, item, or order has been reprinted.
Order Submission Error An order submission error has occurred.
Shipment Shipped A shipment has been shipped.
Shipment Updated A shipment of a live order has been updated.
Stock Alert A stock item has reached its required stock level.
Sub-Batch Created A bucket has closed and a sub-batch has been created.
Sub-Batch Completed A sub-batch has been scanned through to completion.
Sub-Batch Imposition Job Failed A bucket has closed, created a batch of items, but failed to impose. This occurs at times when PDFs are not preflighted and issues.
Sub-Batch Reverted A sub-batch has been reverted to previous steps.
Sub-Batch Scanned A sub-batch has been scanned through to its next production step.
Sub-Batch Send To Device A sub-batch is successfully sent to a Device.

Postback payload

prettyJson this is a handlebar that outputs every possible Site Flow field pertaining to its associated Event in a formatted manner. If you wish to see every available field, simply add prettyJson this to the Template field in the Add Template/Edit Template menu.

When the event is triggered in the system, the response will contain the comprehensive list of fields. From these fields, you may create your own custom templates to give you as much or as little information as you need.

Order Submission Errors management

Due to the asynchronous nature of the process, errors won’t be available in the response to the order submission request.

Errors will be posted to the system and shown in a new area inside the Orders UI (Order Management/View Submission Errors).

PSPs have access to see these errors and brands have access to this via Brand Centre.

Within this area, you are able to edit the order data and then resubmit it.

N.B. do not keep resubmitting the order from this page if an error is not returned as it may create a new order with duplicated barcodes.

It is also possible to configure a ‘submission error’ trigger which will post back the error message once the order has been processed. This will contain a simple error message on why the order has errored. Example postback template:

     "TimeStamp": "{{timestamp}}",
     "OrderId": "{{data.body}}",
     "status": "Order submission error",
     "errorsClean":  [{{#each data.errorList}}
          "{{#if name}}{{ name }}: {{/if}}{{#if message}}{{ message }}{{else}}Unknown error{{/if}}{{#if path}} - At path {{ path }}{{/if}}"